Drawn Textured Yarn

is produced by processing POY through a texturing process. This process disperses, curls and entangles the filaments composing the POY yarn, which gives DTY a fluffy appearance and gives it the properties of both natural and synthetic fiber. We offer Draw Textured Yarns with wide denier range and in various shades to meet the tailor made requirement of our customers including several Intermingling Points.

Denier Range DPF Range Luster Shades
75 to 1200 0.5 to 6.0 Super Bright, Semi Dull, Full-Dull & Cationic More than 500 shades in our data base
End Use
Warp & Circular Knitting
Velvet Products
Shoe Upper
Outer & Inner Garments
Skin Clinging Garments


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