Draw Textursed Yarn(DTY)

Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) is a type of polyester filament yarn produced by processing POY through a texturing process. This process disperses, curls and entangles the filaments composing the POY yarn, which gives DTY a fluffy appearance and gives it the properties of both natural and synthetic fibre.
Technical Properties of DTY yarn can be moulded in a few ways to make the yarn reasonable for its vast uses. Also the DTY yarn can be made with a several combination of Intermingle points (knots). These Intermingle yarns, also known as Interlaced yarn, are the replacement for lightly twisted yarns.
We have latest machines to deliver quality Dope Dyed/Melt Dyed draw textured yarns.
DTY manufactured by us finds its application in outer and inner garments, skin-clinging garments, furnishing, upholstery and floor covering products. These yarns are manufactured by us in both solid and melange shades and in various intermingling combinations like Non-Intermingling (NIM), Semi-Intermingle (SIM) and High-Intermingle (HIM).

Denier Range :

75 to 1200 denier

Filament Range :

24 to 1536 filaments

Shades :

Available in a vast range of shades.

Lustres :

Super Bright, Semi Dull, Full Dull, Catonic Bright and Catonic Dull