Fully Drawn yarn

is produced from the melting and extrusion (melt spinning) of the polyester chips with high spinning speed coupled with intermediate drawing integrated in the process itself. Pioneer manufactures high quality dope dyed FDY backed by German extrusion quality and latest winding technologies resulting in superior product quality and high unwinding speed which sets us apart form our competitors..

Denier Range Filament Range Shrinkage Range Cross-Section
30 to 800 12 to 576 4% to 60% Circular, Trilobal and Slit
Luster Package Size Shades Packing
Super Bright, Semi-Dull,
Full-Dull, Cationic Bright,
Cationic Dull
7.5 Kgs More than 1000 shades in our data-base Box/Pallet
End Use
Weft Applications
Furnishing Fabrics
Sandwich Fabric
Baby Soft Yarns


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