Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

POY is produced from the melting and extrusion (melt spinning) of the polyester chip or flake. The term partially oriented yarn refers to multi-filament that is only partially stretched and has higher elongation to make it suitable for further downstream drawing and setting.
POY is mainly used in texturizing to make draw textured yarn or air textured yarns to make it suitable for all applications like Weaving, Knitting and Tufting.
We offer quality Dope Dyed/Melt Dyed POY backed by German extrusion quality and latest winding technologies. Superior product quality with high unwinding speed sets us apart from our competitors

Denier Range

120 to 500 Denier

Filament Range

37 to 576.


Super Bright, Semi Dull, Full Dull, Catonic Bright, Catonic Dull

Cross Sections

Circular, Trilobal and Slit.

Package size

4 kgs to 14 kgs.

Shade range

More than 1000 shades available in database.