Air Textured Yarn (ATY), is a kind of hybrid textured yarn produced through Air-Jet Texturing process. Air-jet texturing process is a purely mechanical method that uses a cold air-stream to produce bulked yarns with spun touch and warmth. The air textured yarns closely resemble spun yarns in their appearance and physical characteristics. The air-jet texturing process is by far the most versatile of all the yarn texturing methods in that it can blend all kinds of filaments together We excel at manufacturing high quality air jet textured yarns to a large range of resultant yarns for a wide variety of applications such as weaving, circular knitting & flat knitting as well as tufting machines. Our yarns are highly suitable for apparels, upholstery fabrics and carpet applications. Majority of our production is in Dope Dyed/Melt Dyed except a few qualities in natural white with a wide range of shades in solid as well as Melange shades. Various Slub yarns are available with fancy effects Special feel yarns like Cotton, Viscose and Wool specially designed to replace natural fibres at reasonable costs. Further functional yarns like Flame retardant, Anti Microbial and High fastness yarns for Outdoor applications also available in this product range.
Pioneer excels at manufacturing of high quality air-jet textured yarns to achieve effects and slubs.. It is purely a mechanical method that uses cold air-stream to produce bulked yarns with spun touch and warmth.
Solid & Melange
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